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Hello, Thank you for visiting us! Welcome To The Synergistic Six Discovery Page For The Final Fit Diversity Framework. This call will be led by the author of the Final Fit Framework. Diversity Matters! Recruiting is not only about finding candidates that have industry experience but those who can enhance vision, strategy, and culture. Often recruiters review resumes where they have in-depth conversations with candidates to determine if they should be presented for an interview. Despite the effort that takes place, hiring managers have found that they required additional optics and a diverse set of interviews. The Synergistic Six Diversity Framework is what sets The Final Fit Non-Assumptive Framework apart from others. We leverage in-flight optics and operate with live data vs. judgment before the interview begins to align candidates to proper roles, regardless of one’s age, disability, skin color, relationship status, gender, or race, and seek to reduce unconscious bias and barriers to entry. We go beyond resumes, background checks, and the references check with our unique card alignment process. Benefit For The Hiring Manager: The Non-Assumptive Framework will show a hiring manager how well the candidate unites and aligns to a specific role. How well the candidate unites and aligns with the hiring managers and company expectations and priorities. The framework goes beyond the resume and background checks, leveraging in-flight optics to allow the hiring manager to understand the candidate’s skills, knowledge, key attributes, and areas of strength to enhance vision, strategy, and culture. Before the interview, the focus will be on the alignment of the candidate’s capabilities. Benefit For The Candidate: The framework will deliver significant benefits for a candidate as additional optics are always important. For Example: Does the candidate really understand what is expected? How does this differ from what they already know? It can be devastating for a candidate to make a change in their career only to learn; they should have had additional data about the position. Overall Company Benefit: The hiring process is key to building culture, revenue, brand awareness, and year-over-year growth. We look forward to reviewing the unique Final Fit Hiring Framework. CLICK-TO-BOOK ABOVE!

A Diversity Framework That Makes A Difference.

You May Book A Discovery Call Free Of Charge! 

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