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Hello, Thank you for visiting us. Welcome To The Synergistic Six Discovery Page For Team Building Sessions With A Renowned Healthy Eating & Fitness Expert. Give Your Team A Treat Of A Lifetime: One-Hour Session With A Renowned Fitness Expert & Healthy Cooking Chef. An experienced event planner will conduct your discovery call. We are pleased to announce that we have aligned with a renowned Chef who has the following credentials: Board Certified- Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian Board Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS) Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) Questions To Think About Before Our Discovery Call: 1. Are you looking to create a Healthy Eating & Fitness Employee Event? 2. Do you have an event theme in mind? 3. Is this an event to promote a brand or theme? 4. Is this event remote or onsite? 5. Do you need to have a platform to keep track of event analytics? 6. What does a good event look like? 7. How many employees will attend the event? 8. Would you like the focus to be on: Healthy Eating & Fitness? If you do not know all the answers to the above questions, no worries, we will walk you through our best practice strategies. We look forward to speaking with you. CLICK-TO-BOOK ABOVE.

Healthy Cooking & Fitness Team Building With A Renowned Celebrity

You May Book A Discovery Call Free Of Charge! 

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