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Hello, Thank you for visiting us! Welcome To The Synergistic Six Discovery Page For Revenue Growth! Creating A Customer First Initiative Is More Difficult Than One Can Imagine. Implement A Proven Methodology To Empower Your Sales Teams. This call will be led by the author of The Synergistic Six Sales Framework which has been proven to change both the Customer and Sales Rep Experience. Examples: Security Rep Sends Out An Email Thanking His Team After Using The Sales Framework: I would like to thank all of you, for your hard work and support during the online think tank sessions yesterday. It was the first time in my career ever to meet 24 customer stakeholders in one day. Normally, it would take months of scheduling to accomplish what we did in 3 hours. I was stunned when the customer called me asking me when we could meet again. That has never happened before. The customer called me, and wanted to schedule the next call. This process works! Sales Rep Comments: It is easy to get focused on quantity, not quality. Synergistic Six taught us this Framework and the process of “setting the table” leading to the executive think tank.. and there it was.. the sword was removed from the stone.. the answer to my five yearlong questions. “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!” This Framework not only describes fine-tuning your Spidey senses to know if the opportunity is valid and how to set the table appropriately; it gives the seller the confidence that there is no fear of delivery or experience at the next step because it has already been planned out. I can’t think of anything easier present than a process that is pre-defined, proven, and most importantly, “TO THE POINT” and where expectations are set. Thank you, Synergistic Six! Discovery Call Will Review: 1. Will review how to get started. 2. Why the Framework works 3. Who should be using the sales process and why? 4. Training 5. Timeline 6. Your current sales process in play. We look forward to our Discovery Call with you! CLICK-TO-BOOK ABOVE!

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