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Hello, Welcome To The Synergistic Six Discovery Page For Video Surveillance! Video Surveillance & Artificial Intelligence is becoming a must. The hold back to adding AI for most is cost. We have good news for you; you may be able to add intelligence to your existing cameras in order to leverage the power of insight. To help us learn more about your requirements, please see the below questions that we would like you to consider before our call. A few questions for thought: 1. Did you know intelligent cameras can check air quality? 2. Did you know that AI can be added to check temperatures on each person walking into your building? 3. Did you know you can tie the intelligence to alert a third-party monitoring service? 4. Would you like to see 24 hrs of surveillance in 1.5 minutes? 5. Do you want to communicate with groups of people viewed on your cameras? 6. Do you want to play different advertisements through the cameras in different areas of your building? The flexibility is endless with Video Surveillance & Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to introducing you to leading experts who will walk you through your options. We look forward to speaking with you. CLICK-TO-BOOK ABOVE

Video Surveillance-Discovery Call.

You May Book A Discovery Call Free Of Charge! 

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